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Arlekino Duo - The Clowns! The newspaper "News" Category "Lifestyle" 2004

The past is gone. The future might not come.
But present is bright and kind fairy tale, say Victoria and Sergey Chernovs.

This year, their twenty-year- old daughter Aleksandra graduated from Far Eastern National University, 
Mathematics and Information Technology. She obviously did not take after her mom and dad ... Her parents - Victoria and Sergey Chernovs are professional clowns . It would be hard to squeeze their work into the framework of the same genre. Is would be to narrow. Rather, it is the synthesis of clowning,  acrobatics, comic overtones, tricks ... -  the most hilarious moment magic.

Circus left ...

 Victoria inrolled to
 Moscow Circus School after she graduated from Intermediate school. By that time she already had a title of Master of Sport of Gymnastics. Why did you choose that particular school? "For romance and fairy tale! Circus was a true extravaganza, bright , cheery magic for me... " - says Victoria. "And there are sacred and protected honored traditions there" - Sergei picks. "For example, you could never sit with your back to the arena! People work there, it should be respected ... Now things have changed. I'm not saying that it is for the worse, but .... Circus  was a special place before, there is no fairy tale there now ... " While Sergey was studing at school he attented National Circus Studio Lenin and then enrolled to Moscow circus school. There he met Victoria and ... received diplomas from Yuri Nikulin hands. Twelve years they worked in Moscow circus as acrobats. In 1986, at the International Competition in Sofia Soviet (Russian) circus won first place. Then they left .... They thought it would be better to became a free artists. They toured with famous circus all around Russia and many other countries of the world. Now they live and work in Vladivostok. Wealthy (and not) citizens book them for
various events for children and adults of any ages and different occupations.


This is how it works. The audience sighed - they started. Usually
performance lasts from twenty minutes to an hour or more. There is no job too big or too small. They are happy to compromise it according your entertainment needs. Contact with the audience is a prerequisite of their work. And any joke must necessarily to be kind. And they would never put the viewer in an awkward position! "Making the contact" they first tried in Japan. " We joked with the audience  ... after while we felt that something was wrong. Not that people would not laugh, but somthing was not right ... well, we kept working hard for months. And suddenly realized: not only audience should laugh but the person involved in it as well. Also he should never feel uncomfortable. He simply must be happy! And when we came to this simple, in fact, thought : ... From our original program was left only third. Everything else was altered."

Ideas are born from the air

How funny, I think that clowns are engaged in soul-searching. "And it does not depend on the profession! - Smiling Victoria - but from the person himself. Well, we can not to neglect our business! If you are not given in full, it is hardly possible to achieve any success." Every show Victoria and Sergey collected bit by bit: saw something, heard something and then generate idea. Put some thoughts in to it - the idea starts implemented. Sometimes ideas come unexpectedly: once Serger rode was driving the car and suddenly got an idea .... He stooped without realising! "Drivers are honking at me, and I could not move - I am afraid to loose the thought ... " Once 
in the store Sergey saw simple ordinary bells. He bought them. Tied to his shoes and to the sleeves. Practiced a little, learned Japanese national melody ... So, when he was playing them in Japan, children and adults sang. And elderly people cried in astonishment. Sergey also plays " Happy Birthday" song and always people sing.

Clowns are coming!

Well, now, about the principles. "We start our performance. And once we finish - " Ah! " - The audience exhale. And we purposefully expose many of our magic tricks. We do not want people feel silly. Who wants to feel silly? Every trick is very simple! In fact magician showing his trick, makes others think as it is necessary to it. Just built a logical chain, remove what is called a magician's spell, and here the solution - here it is! " One of the rooms in their apartment resembles a circus warehouse. Which is looks more like museum. Here are all the things that Victoria and Sergey have enjoyed for more than twenty years. Can you imagine what's going on when children are in this room? They arrive to venue in a huge car full of props and various bells and whistles. "Performing for children is a special pleasure - says Victoria. - They faces become so smily! Hard to
describe! And their eyes ... They glow with happiness. Children dive into a fairy tale and there stay there. It is so nice when they are happy." "And adults are also children! - Sergey smiling. They often ask: we would like to havesameshow as forkids, please do not change anything in the show. And they get same happy smily child faces."

And where are the clowns gone?

What do they need to be provided? ... Nothing ! They provide everything themselves: props,
 treats, music, costums (which Victoria designs and sews herself and Sergey makes shoes). They only need enough space and light for their performeance and ... a birthday cake. When Sergey with little firework on his hat bringing out the sweet miracle - children squeal with delight!  However, adults too. Once ... after the performance when Victoria and Sergey washed off their clown make up and were packing props in their " dressing room", a little birthday girl came there. She looked at them and asked, " Who are you?" " We are ... " - they were about to reply. " And there were clowns ... Have you seen them? They probably went back to a fairy tale? - she sighs. "Do not worry, darling, they will definitely come back ...

Yulia Guseynova

The newspaper " News" Category " Lifestyle " 23 April 2004.

Category: PEOPLE WRITE ABOUT US | Date: (24 April 2004)



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